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“More than a digital asset that any agency can give you, what I found in Tuatara Agencia Boutique is the added value of accompaniment in business digital transformation. This is much more important for a business that is starting and beginning to conceptualize an idea”. Diego Espinosa, CEO – toc toc

The change in the business paradigm is happening and toc toc knew how to notice it. Being a startup that was born in 2018, to professionalize domestic work, offering cleaning and cleaning services to homes and offices in Colombia, it became part of an industry that was divided into few actors, which implied the great challenge of offering innovative alternatives to customers who could not find a company that could fully understand their domestic needs.

We must begin by recognizing that learning for a startup becomes a dynamically complex and non-linear social process that involves all the areas that make up the company, which must operate under constant uncertainty. Something that characterizes all ventures, if you don’t know for sure where to go, then how to get results?

For this, there must be many ways to achieve results, but the most recognized by entrepreneurs are the strategies of Lean Startup, Digital Marketing (Inbound Marketing), and Growth Hacking. Determined to get involved in business digital transformation processes, they manage to grow, optimize resources and improve the quality of life of their collaborators, based on these methodologies.

For this reason, after several mistakes in this search for results, and testing with different digital agencies and work teams, toc toc aseo arrives at Tuatara Agencia Boutique in 2020, to embark on the path of business digital transformation. , establishing a new approach, which generates more confidence and responds to the achievement of their business objectives.

In a joint effort between Tuatara and toc toc aseo, significant learning of their industry was achieved, achieving greater recognition of their business, at the same time that they set out to reach more qualified leads, position the brand, significantly increase sales, start a process national expansion and gain customer loyalty.

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How to achieve the digital business transformation of a Startup like toc toc?

Let’s start by recognizing that toc toc aseo is a startup that previously knew the industry, in a B2B (or business) segment, and that wanted to target a B2C (or consumer) segment, to reach the Bogota population, making «toc toc».

For this reason, we set short, medium and long-term goals, among which are:

  1. Position the toc toc brand as a benchmark for cleaning professionals, initially in Bogotá.
  2. Convert social networks such as Facebook and Instagram into a knowledge, sales, and loyalty tool, which will complement the strategy.
  3. Propose, search, and identify the Buyer Persona that is related to the value proposition of the brand.
  4. As a result of the above, increase sales of cleaning and cleaning services in a B2C market.

The first thing will always be to understand what is the path that we are going to work together and where we want to go. For this reason, we began the strategic planning of the digital business transformation of toc toc in April 2020, beginning the execution of the strategy in May of the same year.

The general objective of the Startup toc toc

Position toc toc aseo in a Colombian digital ecosystem, as a benchmark in the domestic service of homes and offices by the year 2021.

Secondary objectives of the Startup toc toc

  1. Redesign and build the current digital asset.
  2. Position toc toc aseo and its competitive advantages in a digital environment.
  3. Generate digital content for social networks.
  4. Create Marketing Automation flows.
  5. Develop Email Marketing campaigns.
  6. Integrate marketing + sales with the same objective.
  7. Create and manage advertising campaigns.
  8. Have validated learning and reporting of all digital actions.

To achieve these objectives limited in time, Tuatara Boutique Agency, implemented a work methodology that we explain below.

How was the Digital Transformation process of a Startup in the domestic cleaning services industry?

At Tuatara Agencia Boutique we accompany the digital transformation of startups based on three fundamental pillars: Graphic Design, Software Development, and Digital Marketing. For this reason, we build digital solutions based on Lean Startup + Inbound Marketing + Growth Hacking methodologies.

The foregoing was reflected in the business digital transformation process of toc toc aseo, which was defined under frameworks and methodologies such as Lean Startup. On the other hand, we summarize this process in different important moments to meet the objectives.

Tuatara Agencia Boutique

Fix the house toc toc

Before having a visit you have to know who is coming to decorate to your liking. Be a good host!»

Fabrizio González Maroso, CEO Tuatara Boutique Agency

In order to fix the house we started working on the hypothesis and identification of our Buyer Persona. As consultants we have the opportunity to speak with companies of all sizes and industries; something that we identify that usually happens to everyone is that they do not know who they are selling to, that is, they do not know their audience exactly.

This is why, in our methodology, we always start by having this representative image of the client prototype, starting from what they think they know and comparing it with other audiences proposed by the agency. Typically, for this industry, it is assumed that the people who want to buy the cleaning service in their homes are the ones who «have a dirty house». But is this really that simple? Do our customers buy from us just because their house is dirty?

We begin the Buyer Persona identification process, separating potential buyers, based on the fact that all human beings characterize themselves as complex. Likewise, it will be our needs and motivations to acquire products and services, so the reasons are much deeper than those that seem obvious. So, knowing them makes you get closer to your Buyer Persona, build trust and translate it into a sale. We identified the following audiences with different needs:

  • Men
  • Women
  • mothers of family
  • parents
  • young singles
  • People with their mom/dad alone

After carrying out the evaluations of the process month by month, it was possible to define our Buyer Persona, beginning to notice an increase in sales thanks to this work. The toc toc commercial team saw a great opportunity for improvement in terms of its sales channel.

During this process, it happened that among the leads we obtained throughout the implementation of the digital strategy, we found a large volume of people seeking employment, which was an aspect to improve. Therefore, we align our advertising pieces with a CTA of “Buy a cleaning service”, to make it clear to this audience that we do not have any vacancies available. Additionally, within the comments on the publications, both organic and advertising, a message was left with this same information.

To continue reducing this type of lead, and obtain qualified leads, in the available forms we place an option «looking for a job», to indicate to the operations/sales staff the intention of each lead: to buy a service or look for a job. This allowed us to optimize sales times since job seekers were left with an automated message, thus allowing us to focus on potential customers.

toc toc Website Development

Initially, due to needs, budgets, and learning methodology, toc toc aseo began its strategy with a simple digital asset. One Landing Page was enough to validate many of our hypotheses, starting the path of the buyer of different leads and, finally, giving the necessary confidence so that toc toc decided to invest in a more robust digital asset.

pagina web toctoc

Once we had more knowledge of the industry and our Buyer Persona, it was decided to build the digital asset of toc toc, under UX, SEO, and Performance criteria. Its initial web page had opportunities for improvement in many aspects:

  1. The semantic communication of the brand was not related to the audience.
  2. The digital asset (or website) did not allow for a good navigation flow.
  3. It was not easy to request a service.
  4. It was not optimized for mobile (responsive design).
  5. His administration was not fast and he did not follow the marketing objectives.

This is what the website of the startup toc toc had initially looked like:

pagina web toctoc
pagina web toctoc

In order to improve digital assets, at Tuatara Agencia Boutique, we have developed a methodology applied to more than 50 clients from different industries, which we call «Design Sprint«. This methodology, adopted from Google processes and applied to agencies, aims to generate a common language between the client and the work team, regarding what is expected and why the web page is going to be improved. What did we take into account in this process?

  1. Keyword research: The first thing we should do is get to know our audience, and be able to answer questions such as: what does our buyer persona expect to find? How does he like to be talked to? What does he expect to see and do? others. Understanding this, an investigation of keywords that began to support SEO strategies in the medium and long term was carried out, identifying opportunities and blue oceans of positioning in search engines.
  2. Information architecture: The different paths that the information was going to have, the objectives, etc., began to be sketched. It determined the different sections that the web page has and how the navigation flow responds to the main objective.
  3. Wireframes | UX: Make decisions regarding what stays and what goes. What is essential and what is not? Wireframes refers to the gray work of building a web page. We began to visualize what the browsing experience was going to be like and the spaces that were going to be arranged to communicate the toc toc value proposition.
  4. Design Mockups | UI: We use the brand manual to finish the website. Define the colors, fonts, button functions, and visual effects in general, to ensure that each action responds to the way in which we expected the brand to communicate.
  5. Prototyping: The prototype is similar to the model apartment, with which you can have a version very close to the final deliverable and makes the north known to all involved. At this point, we have a web page designed, lots of pencil lines, and no code. Because? It is faster to delete a line of design than one line of code. This agile methodology reduces costs, and time and ensures progress at a safe pace.

After the design sprint, we went to the software development stage to make the web page accessible from any browser.

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You can see the result of this process here: As previously recognized, within the learning process of the industry and the identification of the Buyer Persona, we saw that each one has a different need and a different way of searching. For this reason, a section was allocated for each one. For this page, tracking pixels began to be implemented to track users who had already visited the page, to remind them about knock knock toilet. Likewise, the results and SEO positioning continue to be analyzed through Google Search Console, and Google Analytics, among others.

This is what the website of the startup toc toc aseo currently looks like:

pagina web toctoc
pagina web toctoc

Improvement of the Branding of toc toc

To fix the house you also have to take into account Branding, which is part of a broad concept. It does not refer, as is typically believed, to the «logo» of the company. Branding represents all the points of contact and communication that your client has with the brand, its expression, communication, the sensations it arouses, and the message it carries, both in the graphic line and in the language. Like any startup, toc toc initially had a communication that responded to what it believed at the time was part of the company’s main proposal, with graphic resources from image banks and without a very clear objective.

One of the graphic pieces that previously used toc toc:

Piezas gráficas Tuatara

From the first day, a client begins their digital business transformation with Tuatara Boutique Agency, there is a substantial change in communication. We are convinced that businesses are built through a brand positioning that only occurs with time and good work. Sales are generated by optimization processes and methodologies such as growth hacking, among many others. However, repurchases from customers are generated by branding. Unless you’re in a monopoly, there’s no way a customer will buy again if they have a bad experience. This is why branding work must be done from day one.

Tuatara’s first proposal was as follows:

Piezas gráficas toc toc

However, the graphic lines are usually refreshed quarterly, since each one generates learning and some elements that are added to the point of obtaining pieces that better respond to the KPI raised. We build pieces that respond to branding and sales objectives.

You can learn more about this transition by visiting toc toc aseo’s Instagram here:

This is how the graphic pieces currently look:

Agencia de marketing
Branding Tuatara
Branding Tuatara

Thanks for coming this far =) Now let’s see how marketing tools work as a sales force and how process automation helps to meet goals.

How do we automate the processes in toc toc?

«Make marketing tools work for you: Communicate, sell, and retain».

Fabrizio González Maroso, CEO – Tuatara Boutique Agency

RD Station (Tuatara is a Silver partner in Colombia)

First of all, we chose to implement a Marketing Automation Software that would allow us to create automation flows, email marketing campaigns, landing pages, and pop-ap, among others.

Second, the goal was to be able to assign a landing spot to each audience or acquisition channel, so that each action could be fully measured. Finally, automation flows were carried out where people who had not purchased services were discriminated against, and those who had already done so were.

Whatsapp optimization

Initially toc toc had only one WhatsApp business number for Bogotá. As more leads began to be received, this customer service channel was adjusted. It was decided to implement a Whatsapp integration tool as a sales channel, which helped to centralize the conversations, the leads, the stages of each one, and the management of the different commercials involved in the same site.

The marketing + sales link has marked a milestone for all Tuatara customers. Since we do not have e-commerce and sales are generated by an internal sales force, achieving a complete vision of the lead flow from the moment it is captured to the sale is always a challenge. As long as this vision is not available, it is more expensive and takes longer to achieve optimizations, resort to growth hacking strategies, and generate better results with the same resources.

Digital content generation

Create quality content that engages your audience and helps them solve their pain.

Multi-format content was created that was tested and measured to find out which ones generated the best results, both in leads and sales. Among these formats, we find carousels, videos, infographics, and blogs, which support SEO strategies for the toc toc startup.

One of the Opengraph of our blog:

Branding Tuatara

Toc toc also invested in audiovisual production content, which helped position the brand and generate greater audience trust.

Results of the business digital transformation of toc toc aseo

Learn from everything you did and improve on the next iteration.

Within the strategy, the customer’s needs were taken into account first, and based on that, the business digital transformation strategy was formulated, generating continuous learning to optimize results. For example, we were able to identify the type of service that the audience liked the most, which allowed us to adapt the communication and increase the average ticket.

toc toc Digital Marketing Funnel

The digital marketing strategy applied to toc toc aseo, was based on a mathematical learning methodology. This means that once the digital funnel was established, the conversion percentages between one stage and another began to be known, for each of the main sources of communication, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. By passing time and learning from the different interactions of users with the content, it was possible to optimize each of the stages, which meant an increase in leads, a reduction in CPL, and an increase in sales.

aumento de ventas

Funnel analysis

The funnel analysis showed a more optimized performance in each of the stages. Initially, an increase of 157% in the acquisition of leads is observed, comparing January 2021 and September of the same year.

Of this 157%, in the same comparative period, an increase of 74% was achieved in effective leads, that is, those that refer to people who bought a toc toc cleaning service.

Regarding the sales stage, an increase of 66.9% is observed in the number of services sold, comparing January and September 2021. Finally, at the end of the funnel is customer loyalty, reaching an increase of more than 20% in the repurchase of toc toc cleaning services.

Analysis of data

  • Thanks to the methodology used, an increase in sales was achieved, going from an average number of services sold in 2020 of 62.5 to 115.5 in 2021 (from January to August), which represents an increase of 84% in the latter year (counting only the city of Bogotá). Thanks to this increase in sales between 2020 and 2021, they managed to open more services in other cities in the country.
  • Services sold between 2020 and 2021 increased by 836%
  • 43.7% of the total leads acquired from May 2021 to September 2021 showed interest or requested a quote for toc toc services. 11.8% of the people who showed that interest ended up in a purchase.
  • Advertising budgets tripled.
  • The conversion rate from leads to sales was 5.4% (between January and September 2021).
  • The number of employees supporting the administrative area grew by 325%
  • The number of cleaning and cleaning professionals grew 600%

We learned

Among many lessons learned, we were able to answer the following questions:

  • Communication pieces, was it better to directly communicate the services included in each grooming plan? What piece or tone of communication do women like best? others.
  • Between Facebook and Google, which channel is more effective in terms of selling a cleaning service? What is our percentage of effectiveness in each one? What is the ROI?
  • On average, how much does a lead cost us? How much is the comparison -in money- between a lead and a lead you bought?

Testimony of Diego Espinosa, CEO of the Startup toc toc

Diego Espinosa, CEO of toc toc, assures that he found the ideal ally in Tuatara Agencia Boutique, by working together that triggered a true business digital transformation in the startup.

“We have grown and acquired knowledge of the business. We get more qualified leads for toilet knock knock. We understood that if we wanted to grow we had to invest in digital marketing. In addition, by increasing the investment we have been able to demonstrate the growth of the company, which directly impacted the increase in the generation of employment for women heads of households, which is part of our corporate social responsibility objectives”.

He affirms that a mutual relationship was generated with Tuara Agencia Boutique, and its philosophy, working together on the digital transformation strategy. More than a provider, the agency was perceived as an extension of its work team in design, software, and digital marketing.

Likewise, he assures that it was a wise decision for the startup toc toc to transform the website, recognizing that having a good digital asset must be part of any business, otherwise it becomes a disadvantage against the competition.

“I rate the agency with a 10. Thank you for the support and dedication of the entire Tuatara team. It is not an easy path but together we are making it”.

At Tuatara Agencia Boutique we are consultants and executors in business digital transformation processes. Extend your work team with us, establish a clear strategy, and obtain tangible results in digital ecosystems. Start your digital transformation process, here!

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