Content Work: A guide to content for your business

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To understand what Content Work is, we first want to know if you’ve ever wondered where people get so many ideas for their content. While there are chances that you are going through a mental block, it is also true that within the digital world content creation can become one of the most difficult activities to manage, due to the amount of content that needs to be created. 

We all wish there was a source of desires that would give us unlimited content, but since that, at least in this dimensional plane, is not possible, as marketers we have created a guide that we have called Content Work, and although it has 0% magic, what is true is that if you elaborate it well it can become your guide for content creation. 

The Golden Circle as a fundamental part of Content Work

Before we start learning about Content Work, we want you to know about the Golden Circle, a path to find your purpose.

If your brand has not yet found its cause in the universe, the golden circle is a tool created just for that, so you can define your company’s purpose effectively. 

Its creator is Simon Sinek, and it is so clear and practical that it can be very useful to define the purpose, values and value proposition of your company.

Golden Circle

The key to using this tool is to start with the «why». Why does your company exist, what motivated you to create it? From there, you can define the «how» and the «what» of your brand. By having a clear definition of your purpose and values, it is easier to create content that resonates with your audience and build stronger relationships. 

To make it clearer, we invite you to get to know the Golden Circle of Tuatara Boutique Agency:

Golden Circle

Now we can move on to the definition of Content Work.👇

What is a Content Work? Definition and characteristics

A Content Work is a necessary tool to define the personality, guidelines and communication limits of your brand.

This initial phase is like adolescence, a stage where you start to get to know and identify what you want to talk about, what group you want to belong to, among others.

This phase is important both in life and for your company, because although it may not define you for life, it will give you the pillars on which you will base your communication.

Phases of the Content Work construction process

Content Work is a process that starts when we establish our content pillars; this first step will help us to make visible on different platforms the topics we want to communicate to our clients.

After establishing these pillars, the next step is to create a digital ecosystem for your company, this means to establish platforms or social networks from where you will talk to your community; if you do not know which one to choose, in the following list you will find the purpose of each one so you can guide:


This social network is especially good for companies that have multiple types of content formats and focuses mainly on creating communities.


This platform has a visual and entertaining approach. It is a very good and economical option for your mixed marketing campaigns and to keep your community informed about your brand.


Twitter is the most suitable social network for companies that want a solution to promotion and customer service in the same place, given the personal interaction in real time that it offers; in it we can contact and help our customers in a matter of seconds.


If you want to grow and make yourself known quickly, TikTok is your channel; its organic reach is impressive, and on top of that it allows you to show a real and human face to your community or potential buyers.


This network will work for you depending on the type of growth strategy you have. If your future plan is to sell your product/service privately to your customers, then this network is not the best for you, but if you want to expand your sales to distributors and exporters, then this is the perfect place for you to contact them.


The most influential visual search engine in our region (and we dare say almost of the entire continent), ideal for showing your creativity with visual appeal. If you do it right, this platform will help others find you without the need for investment.

Remember that it is NOT necessary to be on all platforms but to choose the ideal ones for your company and if your brand is always changing, do not worry, remember that this process is part of a learning cycle where you start to know yourself and your community.

As in the digital world nothing is said, the data will always speak for itself, when something works or not, it is a matter of observing the metrics, this will help you choose which pillars or assets are the right ones for the process of building your content.

digital strategy

In addition to guiding you through this process, Content Work will help you to make all your marketing efforts run more smoothly, avoiding reprocesses in your steps towards the digital transformation of your company.

What is the relevance of a solid content strategy? 

Now you may be thinking, but what’s the point of going through this process if what matters to me is to sell? Don’t forget that although the goal of every business is to generate sales or position itself, a solid content strategy is essential for any company that seeks to succeed in the digital world because a good content strategy can become the key to attract and retain customers.

By offering valuable and relevant content to the audience, you can keep the attention of users and generate trust and loyalty to your brand. In addition, good content can contribute to the generation of leads, that is, potential customers who show interest in the products or services offered by your company.

Another important aspect is search engine optimization. A solid and well-planned content strategy can help improve your ranking in search engine results, such as Google. This is key for potential customers to find your company and its products or services more easily and quickly.

Of course, we can’t mention digital content without talking about social media. Social media is a powerful tool for businesses, allowing them to connect with their audience and build relationships. But which social networks should you use for your company? Remember that the answer depends on your objectives and your buyer persona

To do this, you should ask yourself which social networks your ideal customers use, and on which platforms can you reach them effectively?

contenido en redes sociales

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While content creation can be challenging, it doesn’t have to be torturous. In fact, if you use the right tools, you can turn content creation into a fun and effective activity.  

Create your Content Work to find inspiration in the most unexpected places and create quality content on a consistent basis.

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