Tuatara at the Latam Digital 2023 Awards: A mutualist case with toc toc cleaning company

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In this fascinating digital corner, we will explore the achievements and success of one of the protagonists of the Latam Digital 2023 Awards, an extraordinary initiative carried out by Interlat, under its brand #LatamDigital. The awards have a clear purpose: to generate value and recognize the growth of the digital industry throughout Latin America.

Interlat, with its extensive experience of 17 years in the industry, has become the exclusive host of the only high quality event in the continent that rewards and celebrates the progress of the Latin American digital landscape. It is a meeting where the brightest minds and the boldest innovators come together to show their best campaigns and compete against large companies from different business in the digital industry in the region.

In its tenth edition, the eagerly awaited #LatamDigital Awards exceeded all expectations. With great excitement, more than 1,370 projects were received from 18 countries throughout Latin America. This record number reflects the exponential growth of the digital industry in the region and the growing interest in standing out at the forefront of technological innovation.

Premios Latam Digital 2023

At this blog, we will discover one of the most inspiring stories of Tuatara Boutique Agency:

Winner at the Latam Digital 2023 awards in the category: Best support for growth of SMEs, thanks to our mutual case with toc toc cleaning company.

Next, we will relive the most exciting moments of this award and share the experience of our digital marketing agency that is shaping the future of the digital era in Latin America.

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Tuatara Boutique Agency and toc toc cleaning company at the Latam Digital 2023 Awards

For Tuatara as a digital marketing agency, applying to the Latam Digital 2023 Awards has been a unique opportunity to put our talent to test, highlight our achievements and be part of a passionate and leading community in the industry. We are excited about the possibility of contributing to the recognition of digital growth in Latin America. 

For this reason, with full confidence in our digital transformation strategies and the work done together with toc toc cleaning company, an innovative startup dedicated to providing high quality cleaning services and professionalizing domestic work in Colombia, we have decided to be part of this exciting dream and apply for the prestigious awards.

Being part of this experience has been a unique opportunity to share our story, showcase positive impact and highlight how we have transformed the digital experience of a startup.

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Mutualism in action with toc toc cleaning company

Searching for a digital transformation and business goals, the cleaning startup sought Tuatara Boutique Agency as an extension of work to make it real. Together we outlined a strategic plan that included brand positioning, leveraging social media as a sales and awareness tool, identifying the ideal buyer persona and increasing sales of cleaning services in B2C market. 

We understand that each client is special and that is why we seek to establish a mutualistic relationship, based on trust and transparency, which allows us to obtain the best results. Because of this, we achieved positive results that allowed toc toc cleaning company to reach new growth opportunities in the competitive industry to which it belongs.

The Results of the mutualistic relationship

All started in 2020, despite the challenges of the health emergency, impressive growth was achieved. Between 2020 and 2021, they experienced an 872.7% increase in new customer acquisition and 989.6% increase in service sales. In 2022, they increased new customer acquisition by 18% and improved service sales by 2%, with customer retention exceeding 50%.

Our strategy focused on brand positioning, the use of digital channels, organic acquisition and optimized SEO. Without investing in expensive advertising in traditional channels, toc toc cleaning company has managed to hire more than 100 cleaning professionals with stable contracts, thus improving working conditions and providing support to mothers who are heads of households in Colombia.

The startup’s continued success, backed by solid SEO positioning, has allowed it to reduce investment in digital advertising and maintain growth in customer acquisition and service sales. We continue to work on one of its objectives which is to expand this strategy to other cities and allocate resources to the provision of house cleaning services nationwide. 

If you are interested in transforming your business, you are in the right place. At Tuatara we specialize in helping companies to achieve their digital transformation and business goals.

Winners at the Latam Digital 2023 Awards in the category Best Support for SME Digital Growth

ganador premios latam digital 2023

It is an honor and a source of great excitement for Tuatara, as a digital marketing agency, to announce that we have been awarded in Interlat’s prestigious Latam Digital 2023 Awards. This achievement is a testament to hard work and dedication we have invested in our partnership with toc toc cleaning company, a revolutionary company in the cleaning and home care industry in Colombia.

Our focus on digital transformation strategies and our commitment to excellence have led us to obtain this recognition in the category of Best Support for SMEs Growth. We are deeply moved to see how our strategies and efforts have contributed to the success and growth of toc toc cleaning company, as well as to the dignification of the work of cleaning professionals and household mothers throughout the country.

The victory at the Latam Digital 2023 Awards fills us with gratitude and drives us to continue innovating and leading in the field of digital marketing. We are excited for what the future holds and look forward to continuing providing effective and creative solutions to our clients, driving development and growth in Latin American region.

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Awards Committee: The value of been awarded.

Behind this great achievement at the Latam Digital 2023 Awards is one of Tuatara Agency Boutique‘s internal committee, the Awards Committee dedicated to expanding our agency’s recognition and reputation in the digital marketing industry, which has worked tirelessly to identify and nominate our best campaigns, projects and collaborations that deserve to be recognized worldwide.

Thanks to the dedication and effort of our team, we have been fortunate to receive several awards in different categories, ranging from marketing to branding to web development. These recognitions have been a testament to our passion for excellence and constant pursuit of innovation in our industry.

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Mutualism is breathed in Tuatara Boutique Agency – Digital Marketing Agency

At Tuatara Boutique Agency, we consider ourselves advocates of mutuality in the business environment. We believe the importance of establishing solid and mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, based on trust and collaboration.

Our focus on mutualism is reflected in each of our successful projects, where we work closely with our clients to understand their specific goals, challenges and needs.

We are committed to being a strategic partner that genuinely cares about the growth and success of your business.We are proud to say that our reputation has been built on our commitment to our clients. Each successful project, such as the one we revived at the Latam Digital 2023 Awards, has been a testament to our dedication and focus on providing creative and strategic solutions.

If you are looking for a digital marketing agency that offers clear processes and a detailed and concise roadmap, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with personalized consulting and show you how we have helped other businesses become leaders in their industry through our digital transformation strategies.