Case study: Puntored website development and design by digital marketing agency

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At Tuatara, as a digital marketing agency, we are consultants and executors of solutions in digital ecosystems. On this occasion, we became the extension of their work and a strategic ally of Puntored for the design of its website, and its subsequent custom development, in order to communicate their new business proposal for 2022. 

Puntored is one of the most robust Fintech companies in Colombia, connecting more than 8 million users digitally and physically, bringing them closer to the financial system and providing income opportunities to small businesses and large companies in the country. It has strengthened relationships with more than 150 large companies from different industries, offering financial services through new technologies. 

As a company that has been growing by leaps and bounds for 16 years, it saw the need to transform itself by dividing its communication to each of its target audiences.

After Puntored transition, they realized that their website presented opportunities for improvement, so they sought a digital marketing agency that was an expert in website development and design.

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Puntored website design General objective

  • Design Puntored’s website, under UX, SEO and Performance criteria to show the value proposition to the buyer persona defined.

Puntored website design secondary objectives

  1. Collect all the information related to the project and define a clear direction. 
  2. Perform the Design Sprint methodology.
  3. Web design implementation created in the Design Sprint, being faithful to the graphic resources and look and feel of the brand.
  4. Create a good SEO configuration to make it easier for search engines to find Puntored’s website first.

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Tuatara – Digital marketing agency expert in web design and development

At Tuatara, as a digital marketing agency, we are constantly improving the products we deliver. In the web design process we work with UX / UI principles which we define better in the Design Sprint methodology.

Design Sprint – Methodology for website design

The Design Sprint is a Google methodology that we adapt to the market dynamics of digital marketing agencies. It allows us to generate a common language between Puntored and Tuatara, to determine exactly what is expected during the design process of the website, also it helps to avoid setbacks and waste of resources. 

This methodology has been applied by Tuatara Boutique Agency in Colombia and internationally to more than 40 clients from different industries. 

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1.Research and structure in web page design  

diseno pagina web

In this first stage we seek to align and organize ideas, so that the whole team is clear about the product to be developed. The design of the web page represents a joint work between Puntored and Tuatara. 

In this stage, the questions generated regarding the users, the product and the market, or the market need to be solved, are answered.

For this reason, if we already have an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or previous research, we start from that point to continue the process. This stage varies greatly from client to client, since the information required to move forward in some cases is more complete than in others. With Puntored, we had a clear communication strategy for this digital asset.

You can learn more about the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) here.

2. Web page design information architecture

arquitectura diseno pagina web

In this stage we visualize what the structure of the website is, how the different sections communicate between them and how we promote the general objective.

Additionally, the subsections that start from the home page and the way we navigate with them are defined, taking into account that no content is lost or isolated, thus guaranteeing optimum navigability.

When the client is clear about what he wants, delivery times are shortened. In a kickoff meeting with Puntored we define the structure to start with the Keyword Research according to the pages, subpages and the defined content.It is worth mentioning that the client had a wireframe draft, which helped us to understand what they wanted to communicate and optimize the process time.

 3. Keyword research for SEO

equipo de trabajo

At this stage the digital marketing department is in charge of separating the different urls of the pages, assigning a target keyword for each page, according to the research and the SEO positioning opportunities found for their industry.

Likewise, for each page, a structure of titles (H1, H2, H3), meta titles and meta descriptions is defined to start the SEO positioning process from the launching of the web page.

This process helps us to make the UI design clearer for the design department, since the purpose of each page is contextualized.

4. Wireframes | Website UX

smartphone blanco

Wireframes refer to the sketch or draft of a web page design.

This stage focuses on the user, allowing to visualize the browsing experience and establishing the spacing and type of content to be used, whether only text, photographs, videos, among others. In order to avoid delays and faithfully communicate Puntored’s value proposition. 

Thanks to the work done on the wireframes, the client became aware of the weaknesses and opportunities to improve the user experience through a intuitive navigability of the website, compared to what they had been considered in the website from the beginning

From Tuatara, as a digital marketing agency, we suggest changes in the structure, since it often happens that customers who are in the process of designing a website, consider that all information should be in the Home screen or in the same screen, or in places where the end user is not used to find them. 

Therefore, in these early stages of the Puntored website design project, it was possible to identify that there were navigation flows that went against the objectives of the website and it was possible to correct them before investing more time and resources. If the user can navigate smoothly from this stage, without the need to have the “decoration” of the page. That’s a result of an optimal work from the wireframes design stage for the website.

pagina puntored

5. Mockups Design | Website UI


This stage is focused to give the finishing touches to the design of the web page, contemplating the brand colors, the graphic style that goes hand in hand with the appropriate photography,  animated interactions, among others.

One of the advantages of Tuatara as a digital marketing agency, is the understanding of great brands that might have documented processes and certain guidelines, regardless of their communication space.

Thus, we use Puntored’s brand manual to understand the graphic framework under which the new brand proposals that make the user perceives closer, more innovative and that contribute to brand positioning. 

Finally, with this stage, Puntored was able to emulate what would be the final experience of the website and thus be more confident with the one that is going to be released and the certainty that the management’s objectives are aligned.

pagina puntored

6. Prototyping

mano sujetando un smartphone

In practical terms, this methodology serves to arrive at the final experience that the users of the website will have, in a short time and at low cost.

In order to know the website navigability , we built an ADOBE XD version of the mockups. This allows to navigate all the screens and usability flows. 

In the case of Puntored, we decided to move from mockups to development, since it was not considered necessary to assemble a navigable prototype, since from the mockups the defined north was completely understood.

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Puntored website development

desarrollo pagina puntored

“We are not suppliers of our clients, what we seek is to become extensions of their teamwork”. Fabrizio Gonzalez, CEO Tuatara Boutique Agency

At Tuatara, as a digital marketing agency, we develop custom websites using good performance, usability and SEO practices. This is done in order to increase the UX of the website visitors on desktop and mobile.  

We focus on building a CM (content manager), which allows the client to have the freedom and ability to modify, update and upload new content. For this, we developed within the WordPress platform, different modules that ease the administration of the website.  

At this stage, communication between the design and development departments increases, in order to define the structures, animations and functionalities exposed in the mockups.

Once this input is available, the total number of days and hours of work required for development of the web page is known for certain. 

In parallel, we work with the digital marketing department for the implementation of Google Analytics with tools like pixels or tags, to understand the performance of the traffic that the website has and create the entire brand digital ecosystem. 

It’s important to understand that Puntored wanted a completely new website that respond to the guidelines of the new company’s value proposition and start communicating in a different way to each of it’s audiences. 

The subsequent work of the development department consists of landing the approved mockups as faithfully as possible, with a custom made development, with clean and clear coding for search browsers.

Browse and get to know Puntored’s website here!

Woorank Result – Puntored | SEO Web Page

Once the website is finished, Woorank is used to perform a final diagnosis and debugging, obtaining a more fluid website. This tool allows an analysis of the SEO and performance of the website through automatic code checks and marketing configurations.

The result obtained shows an overall score and provides a road map of very tactical improvements. By refining the information, we achieved a phenomenal score of 90/100.

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woorank puntored

Puntored Website Managing and User Manual

At Tuatara we develop websites that become a digital asset for our clients.

This means that once the development of the website is finished, we deliver a user manual for the administration of the platform and a recorded training with the team responsible for the maintenance of the website.

manual de usuario puntored

The Puntored website manual details the use and administration of each of the developed sections, so the client has autonomy over the digital asset. In addition, it allows the client to avoid having to go to the digital marketing agency to make any change

Likewise, we contemplate 6 months to provide support for any eventuality that is within the criteria of good functionality of the website.

Tuatara – Digital marketing agency

Tuatara is a digital marketing agency specialized in web design. We approach each project through innovation, to give companies the ability to create digital assets that support business goals. 

We use best practices for delivery of our projects: documentation of each stage, editable designs, back ups, security analysis, among others. All these files are delivered in digital format, arranged in the cloud, allowing our clients to access them securely.

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