How to Increase results and reduce costs in Digital transformation for 2023

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For those who are in Easter time, I’m pretty sure that you are about to launch. So please have a good lunch. I will join you just as far as this end. But first I have a responsibility with you guys and is to explain how to increase results and reduce costs in digital transformation process for this 2023. Right, so this is the thing because all of we are here. If you want to check out a little bit about ourselves, you can see the web page here and well, first I would like to talk a little bit about me. And yes, this was me before Pandemic. Doesn’t quite look the same but well, Pandemic changed us a lot and not only in my now lovely calls, but also in the way that people is behaving and it also taught me how to increase the digital expectance to the companies that I work for.

I have been really in a good position in the last ten years for digital transformation and the startup environments. And I have had the chance to go to one of these biggest companies, startups. A small and medium business as well in multiple many industries, not only in the United States, but in the whole world, in order to understand and to create things that make them feel different, either in technology, in design or in a marketing way. Or the tomb of all these trees to create a most robust digital transformation.

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So, in the next 25 minutes, we will walk through of how American companies are increasing the quality of their digital environments while reducing the cost. Please don’t be afraid of these logos of biggest companies. This is also for small and midi’s mistakes as well as we will see in the presentation. So well, the first thing is well, hi 2023, it’s already here, right? We are ready in March. It has been like really fast how this year has been passing through. And while when we were having turkey dinners in Christmas we were all kind of expecting that this year is going to be kind of weird actually.

Actually for a survey that was made in the World Economic Forum, seven of each ten economists say that this year is going to be likely to have a global recession. A global recession for 2023 is something that no one wants to hear and either business owners because well, this means that their company might lose their gain tier rain and well, we’ll have to do things again. Another curious thing, we have had the world inflation since 1981 in the United States. So right now, from X to software everything is more expensive. I don’t know if you have had the chance to go to Walmart lately, but when you are trying to get the same eggs that you were buying all the time this luckily nice eggs of free hanks and everything are like 50 70% more expensive than last year. So everything is getting more expensive not only in the United States but in the whole world. And now we hear things like okay, we’re going to international war. There is covet again. Seriously the energy cost is rising up in everywhere because of the war, of the war of Ukrainian and Russia and a lot of other stuff.

But well, I don’t know you, but somehow this is familiar for me. I’m from the 90s plane and from year to year I always hear that next year is going to be worse next year there’s some expectancy that something bad is going to happen and at some times of course it has. But check this out how people behave into this and it’s really cool to see that even though the world fell like crashing down, digital environments will just keep rising. There is like a non stop into this. And this graphic is really nice. It shows like the internet penetration for USA people since 2015 to 2023. Right now we’re about of 92% of people in the United States have internet usage. That’s a lot of hundreds of million of people there. And just as a fun fact, there is a lot of main actors in these environments, right? So we heard about Facebook and we heard about YouTube and what do they sell? They sell advertise and who they reach in this advertisement. Well, Facebook reached 70. 64% of the eligible audience in the United States uses Facebook and we can just talk to them.

And in YouTube, 80% of the United States total internet users are on YouTube. And you can add to them as well. And the same things happen with other social networks, right? So Tiktoks has reached an amazing 50% in a couple of years, actually has been one of the fastest to get there. Well, now that Chad GP is here, get like this crown for LinkedIn, it’s 69% of people that we can reach there and in Instagram it’s 56%. So I like to say this and to show this is why. Because there are some business owners that think that their industry and their business model is just not up for digital environments. You know, like that’s not for me, I don’t feel it. My client is not there. Your client definitely is there. Maybe it’s not there looking for you, maybe it’s not there exactly buying the thing that you are just selling right now. But they are there and companies understand this. So, just for you to know, how much does it cost to an average, of course, of how a click cost in each one of these platforms. So we have cost per click from one dollars, the cheaper actually being Instagram with zero point 75 and YouTube in this case being the higher.

But not because YouTube is more expensive, but it’s because the social network or the advertised platform is not meant for clicks, but for show images and videos to people, you know, so it’s not likely that people click on YouTube. That’s why it’s so expensive. And on LinkedIn, if you are in a business to business or in a B to B business, well, you would like to understand that every click that people does in your ad is around $4. It could be less, it could be more with all the pain of how you used it. Well, this is something that business owners already saw that and they understand that their digital environments is getting well, much higher, that their industry is changing from the traditional efforts to digital efforts. And all the information that we’re going to see like further from here. It was made by a survey that kept terrible of 500 business owners in the United States of a small and medium business. And the results were astonishing, actually. So for the first time in life, the majority of the companies and the majority of the business owner are trusting in that fence that digital environment put into external condition.

So this is the first year when 75 % of a small and medium business owners are increasing their software spend for 2023. This is compared 2022. So this is something weird that we can see here. There is a scenario of the world that is crashing down. We are likely to have a global recession. We have the most higher inflation. But despite of that, business owners want to invest more in technology. So there’s something that they are looking there. There’s something that they are trusting there in order to have a stronger feet in these external conditions. So in this world of tension, do you know? Can you tell what they are expecting? Well, acquiring these digital assets definitely is going to give you a competitive advantage and a stronger fit to these external threats. And these are the three main purchase trigger of technology for business owners for this year. 36 % are seeking productivity improvement in all of their process.

They want to do more with the same resources, and that’s something that digital transformation just is capable to do. 32 % are concerned about security and cyber attacks. Of course, they are. Since pandemic and since the COVID in the 2020, that we all went into digital environments, all the hackers and the cyber attacks just raised up massively. It’s a really big concern for companies that their information could be hacked. This is something really trendy for these years as well. And 32 % of these business owners have outgrown their current technology. It’s just out of use, out of date, it’s not working, it’s not becoming assets anymore that you can use to leverage your goals or opportunities. What do you think that this is translated for? So when they ask to these business managers, What do they want to this for? Well, this is actually not new. For you and for me that owns companies, this is like the goals for every year. Who doesn’t like to have a growth revenue for 2023, to have a growing market share for 2023, and increase, of course, and very important, employee productivity because all the companies works on people as well.

And we will see the importance.

digital transformation pillars

People in a couple of times. Let’s talk a little bit about the theory of digital transformation. What is this about? We all heard about that. We’re not sure if this is for me. How does this work? I will try to make it really easy for you guys and for me as well. There are three main pillars of digital transformation. One of them is technology. Technology is like the catalyst under this new experience that you want to create, not only for your external customers or clients or the people who is buying your product or services, but also for all your employees and for all the people that works in your company as well. The technology is everywhere, but please take into account, by itself, it does not create anything. It does not give you a competitive advantage against your company because it needs to be applied to something and it needs to be used by someone. Where are this technology applied? Well, to the process, actually. This process are driven by technology and they are fed with the data and all the process are expected to be more efficient and more accessible to everyone. So it’s all about gaining agility in the things that we do, reducing and eliminating everything that is not working like paper prints, like reminder that have to be handmade.

Everything of these things that take times, take resources are reducing a little bit your competitiveness. So the idea is to merge technology with process. Of course, for me, the most important of all these people, because people is the one that can make the digital transformation happen. People is part of the culture. We are all part of the culture. This culture needs to change from bit to bit, little by little, in order that people embrace this new process or these new ways of doing things. You cannot believe the many things that I’ve walked through with companies that have already paid a really expensive, nice software. They understand the process, but the people is just not there. There is thing at some point that they just understand what to do. This is a change and this is a change for everyone. So the digital transformation, it’s driven by the leaders and you will need strong leaders that understand this, that gives confidence, not only to the collaborators, but also to board of directors or CEOs in order to have a certain steps forward. Well, this might be a little bit fuzzy. And how can it be applied to my company?

Sure, let’s go into that after that animation. Well, I don’t know you guys, and you don’t know me either. But if you own a company like I do, this is just the same for everyone. It doesn’t matter if you sell products, it doesn’t matter if you sell services. We all have this thing that we might learn in college that is called change value. So we have a supply chain and what we expect here is to try to get our supplies to our process in the cheaper way and with a higher quality way. So the purchase department or the other departments that are here still have some process. Do you know their process? Do you know if it could be better? Do you know if those people are wasting time or can be more competitive in the ways of their getting the supplies? And this is not only for product, but also for services, like I said. When you got your suppliers, you get into the process. This is what you do with your company. This is where your value proposal used to be as well. And you need to make it the more automated it an efficient way because we want those supplies, well, we can do most with them.

And these are the transformation also help into this process. After this, we will have the outcome. So with the less cost possible, of course, and higher perceived value. And when we talk about perceived value, it’s very important that you take into account that this is just perceived by people. And digital transformation, it’s done by and it’s done for people. If we perceive the value as clients or inner customers or inner clients, sorry, or employers, well, we are moving forward in these steps of digital transformation. And something that is most common of everyone and it’s where at some point everyone thinks that digital transformation is about the market and sales. Where we expect that the market becomes a little bit predictable in the income and to have data driven decisions. That’s really important as well. Data drives the decision. There is no exact ways of doing this. There is a step and a step, like a process, but there is nothing like you just apply this manual because you will have to fed in time to time of the things and the outcomes that you are making in order to make it better. When business owners put the technology in each one of these process.

Well, the only thing that they’re expecting is the thing that we just talked about, to grow revenue, to grow market share, and to increase employee productivity. In each one or any one of this process, this could be done. So let’s focus on one of these only. The last one, which is the one that might be more easier for all of us to understand.

market & sales

So in marketing sales, we have a really wide possibilities. So in each one of this process of digital transformation, you will need third kinds of knowledge. One of them is knowledge in marketing, one of them is knowledge in design, and the other one, of course, knowledge in software. So for each one of these knowledge or departments, there are a couple of products or a couple of services that exist there and that company are using and making in order to gain a little bit more of competitive advantage in that point because this is not only a single isolated effort. This goes everywhere inside the company, and of course, it has to be done step by step. For each one of these process, like in any services that is delivered in the world, there are tons of ways to do it.

You have to understand which is the one that best suits the needs of your company. Go for proven, short, and clear roadmap projects. Just for talk about one of these, there is something that is called the design sprint. I don’t know if you have heard about something called design sprint. You can Google it. The design sprint is like the blueprints of a software development. Every time you say, Okay, I want to create a software development so these both departments can communicate better, or I want to create a software that is just like a web page as well, that needs to have some blueprints in a correct process or in a correct way to do it. This is not said by me, actually. This is a concept that Google made up and that some people that work in this just adapt in order to give a better consultants to those companies that are getting here. So the design sprint works as a blueprint. Then the development team take this information to develop anything that they want. And when it’s not done in the correct ways, the thing that happens is that by the end of it, you’re going to have frustrations and stop it.

digital assets

We will see that a little bit further. So have a clear sight of each one of these process of your chain of value. Understand which departments are getting involved in each one of these and how all of the efforts that you are making are integrated in one main strategy. In this example that we are seeing, we have our main digital assets in the middle of the marketing strategy. Then we have a couple of things that helps us to get awareness, positioning leads, whatever, and to give traffic and to give information to these main digital asset that is where usually used to be where the conversion happens. So when you have a clear sight of this, it will be, and it is, much easier to understand, to sell it in the inner circles of the company and to measure what you are doing. So a small summary so far. So the first thing, a small and medium business are investing more than ever in digital transformation and in technology. These investments are made to get competitive advantage in each industry, which results, of course, in increased revenue, grow market share, and increase employee productivity. And right here, the small and medium business have a really nice opportunity, because because there are still there many industries that are not mature enough in digital environments and are just waiting for this company that decides to become that leader, that decides to become the crown and the one of their own industry.

salary US for 2023

And well, this sounds great, right? So how is it done? And better and cheaper, actually, like I said. Well, let’s check some options of how can American companies begin this way of digital transformation, right? So the first thing is that, like I said before, maybe digital transformation, well, it’s made by people, actually, and for people. Not machines. Definitely. If you want to move your company from a point A to a point B.

You will not just need to buy machines and just buy technology, you will need strong leaders that lead the company into that and make you take the better decision for the money that you have for this which could be like any kind of budget actually. So well, there are many ways to do this. The first one, hire a local team and integrate these leaders into my company. Well, for all of this process, what I’ve seen is that you will need someone with this kind of knowledge like I said before. So you will need like a marketing data director or a business intelligence director that lets you understand the whole market, the whole business, your competence, your products, pricing and a lot of things and go into the right way or the right direction to create something new.

Technology Director of course, if you are looking forward to have in one of the pilots which is technology, one of your main assets, you will need a leader that defines the best technology that your company can use, that define the best ways of getting secure in the environments as well. And you will need a designer as well and someone that gives like this user interface as well to all of the things that you are creating. And well, there is no coincidence actually. This is the start up dream team. I don’t know if you have heard of Chart Tank.

You have seen some kind of this contest. But all the investors when they look forward into a startup and they like it, the first thing that they see is the team and they expect that the team has at least different knowledge because with these three knowledge you can create almost anything on the other environments. Of course, there is a lot of more team behind them, but well, this is like the first one in a small research that was made in glassdoor which you might note what we saw, which is the expectation of salary for these people. So we are talking about 153, 43, 156 and $81,000 per year. And this is for people who have around five years experience.

They are getting like in a senior labor. They know what they’re doing. Hopefully they have already done this and well, this is expectation. So we are talking about like 300K or even more actually 400K monthly, yearly, sorry for including these three strong leaders, your company and this is not the people who is actually doing stuff, they are leading. So I’m pretty sure that you will need someone else into this.

So that’s a lot of money, right? So the second one, well, I don’t have time or money, I don’t have to hire a team. They’re agencies and of course they’re agencies and digital process will require hundreds and thousands actually of hours. And quality in digital transformation is something that your company can’t just reduce or save. Please don’t go to low quality assets because we will see some of the things that business owners say because of this.

So when we go into Clutch I don’t know if you know about Clutch, but you should go there actually clutch co this is one of the biggest web page in the world. Companies that have agencies and software developers and designers there in many countries actually not only in the United States. So when we make a research in the United States we understand that the hourly rate average for good companies is from 100 to 150 /hour so if we are talking about that digital transformation process takes hundreds or thousands of hours. Well, we just can do the math. So I did a small one where we can assume that there is like a monthly paid for the agency of $10,000 which the deliverables that I’ve heard that they can give for that amount are not that wise here and that’s like around 120 per year.

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You will kind of work with that here, with a good agency, with a good team and well it will depend of course on many other factors. But these are like these two choices right now. So the local ways of getting the team that they did for Digital process is hire them and expect them to require you more people in their teams or find a local agency and have a little bit of out things from your company. So this is like the cost yearly for this but well, this led me into a conclusion. The best talent and process are just accessible to big companies in the United States and that makes that small and medium business owners begins to make like these isolated efforts with the best intentions in different areas of his company.

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And they expect that at some point all of these isolated efforts merge into a bigger strategy and become like leaders in this digital transformation process. But the true and to be honest, the thing that I heard from time to time is that there is frustration for the lack of impact in this isolated upgrade. So, for example, you just invest in a web page and that’s it. That’s the only thing you did because that’s what you thought it was good and the web page is just there. But nothing new happens when the web page was released.

There is no new lead, there is no positioning, there is nothing happening. And that’s an isolated effort which is not bad, but just by itself will not make a whole difference, will not create or will not make you a game changer in your industry which became to the second one, which is actually higher money spent in mid and long term and long time for reprocess. Because then when you notice that this is not what you need to do, you will have to do it again. And that costs of course more money. The opportunities and chances of leaping in your industry are missed.

If right now you are in an industry that is not mature yet in digital environment, there is an opportunity there and when that opportunity is taken, it could be taken again from you, but it’s going to cost you more. So there are like opportunities missed there when business owners just don’t go forward to became the leaders. The companies are giving terrain to the competence of course and losing market share and different areas of the company are not integrated into one strategy and used to happen that different departments of the company has like isolated efforts. So sales have like their own software that help them sell more, but it’s not connected to the marketing team and the marketing team has as well something that is just for them but is not connected to the purchase team. And there is a lot of isolated efforts we have stated.

I’m going just to check how that will still hear live. Okay, great. But well, okay, there is hope there, see, so just don’t fade out and well, this hope comes with a really deep competitive advantage that American companies are already using. So just like a nice fun fact, according to Google Trends, which is the platform of Google that says how has increased the Google searches for any specific keyword, the keywords of global talent increased by 203% in the last five years. An international hiring observe a search of 208% since 2022. This is just in pandemic. So this competitive advantage, we’re going to see how it works.

So, I don’t know if you know but well, United States is the top country by service imports in the world. There is no other country that buys more services to the world and import them than the United States. And you know, why is this and something that I notice here as well is that United States is getting like expensive even to Americans. So when this happens, people go to Walt to see what the walking is and bigger companies and multinationals know this from a long time ago and that’s why they have the chance to do a lot of cool things well in other ways. So I don’t know if you can tell by the colors of these countries, what do they have in common?

India, Mexico, Philippines, Ukraine, Brazil and Colombia. Well, these are the mains actually exporters to United States of services. And the things that these countries have in common is something really particular and is the minimum wage of territory. So if you can see the colors of each one of these colors of these countries, that colors represent worldwide a really low minimum wage for their living. And it’s not that we are paying there less just because it’s because in those countries there is no need of those height spent or height salary.

But the knowledge and the professionals that are there are exactly just the same that you can file anywhere else. And that’s one of the cool things. So if you are living in California, for example one of the most expensive places on earth, actually. Well, they just have 15 costs per hour for a professional but if you go to somewhere else, it could be one and the professional let me tell you something is quite the same. Both went to Cost.

service imports

Both study five years in jussal engineer or whatever and both have five years experience not only with local companies but also international companies. And this is something that is happening from a long time ago but it’s getting like really strange in the last five years. So what is this thing that I can get from the international market? There are two ways as I see this for North American companies in order to access to this. So there is a freelance chance and there is an international agency chance but there are like some barriers as well of course for these.

So one of them is, well, the language and the time zone is one of the main ones that small business owners say that they are concerned about.

Most people try to make the developments in India because well, it’s sold that it’s cheaper and it’s true you do is cheaper but also the quality isn’t that good. But it’s because everyone is suspecting that just because they are paying less they’re going to get the same. And there is like some things that need to be taken into account when you are hiring international people and level and also the language is kind of difficult. The time zone is not quite the same, the culture will change a lot and there is camry is not in India but everywhere. The money transfer used to be also like a pain, the warranty of the things that I’m receiving and well actually you name it, anything that you can think that is like a barrier for getting into the national market has already been solved by many other small business owners and they’re getting disadvantaged.

So what about the freelance market? Well, to be honest, for me the freelance market is like a jackpot. Also there are some opinions of other business owners who had did this before and the thing is that it’s not as cheap as people think it is. When you expect to have long term relation you cannot define your digital transformation process just into freelancers because well, you will need like a head like it said, that integrates all the freelance that are working for you. They are really not involved into your company and to the goals that you have with the CEO levels and it was hard to involve the people in the company need.

So just like a quick research that was made one of these freelancers platform, well it saved like a full service marketing plan. We stayed together in the marketing part of the chain and while it’s saved like five days deliver 345 but in five days, well, definitely you will not define anything. So please also be aware of the process that you are buying. There is no such thing as a full service marketing plan done in five days by one people. Of course you can go from zero to something with that and if you are like a really early stages it could work just to understand what the environment can offer.

But it will not definitely change the way that your company is looking right now in the market. So other change is well, what American companies do, international top agencies, right here in Clutch, you can see the same thing. The perfect balance for these companies appear to be international agencies. There is a huge market to explore and how to get into the better. Well, you can do it by yourself.

You go to Clutch, put any country you like, put any region you like and you will see that the average, the same thing, the same people, the same professionals, the same quality world class process just cost up to 70% less without risking any quality on their outcomes. So when we go from 150, we will see there is like a really big gap there, right? So international ways of getting the team needed for digital process. There is freelance yearly and all of these come with goods and cons and international agencies actually let’s digest this info just for a little bit. So in order to get or to move forward my company from A to B into digital process, I will need strong leaders, right?

Fact number one, these strong leaders who is people, I need to hire them at some point. So I can just hire them. I can get agencies, I can get international freelance, I can get international agencies and each one of these has pros and cons, right? So we are up into that. The first thing or the main thing that business owners, that business owners check before taking any kind of decision and this was made in this survey as well, is that your supplier have really good reputation and certification by leaders in the market.

They have already done this, already has exported services from his country to yours. And they understand how this works. They are not experimenting with me in the first time. That’s really risky where you can see the study cases where they have already done this, not only because they say that they’re doing this well, they have done this actually as we know, not everyone do like a really good marketing into that or honest one, at least a really good match. And this is for me one of the most important things with the team and the philosophy.

Because when you move into this and you are looking for really nice partners, you expect to have long term relationships with them. Because as longer as you met each other, the more knowledge that is about your industry, the more knowledge that you have about the process for digital transformation. And it’s like a really nice match where year to year well it comes and became better and really highly standard in processes. You need to really understand what you are doing. Never buy something, never pay for something that you don’t completely understand because the people that are selling that to you doesn’t have the chance or the capabilities to make you understand they don’t even know it that good.

And that is one of the most important things here that you understand that you can sell this inside your company and move forward in this process. That is like really clear process. Well, with this digest, let me talk to you about one of the most beautiful places on earth. And this is not said by me, it’s said by everyone who puts a step on that international service and everything one of you already might know because of the pictures that are here. But well, the things on the place that we are talking about is one of the ones that we just saw in the map before.

And well, this place is called Colombia. You know, so welcome to Colombia. It’s been a long history with the United States. More than 200 years in corporation and business generation. And what do we know Colombia for?

Well, the main goods that we are exporting to United States is coffee. Coffee is one of the most beautiful things and delicious things in Colombia. Actually, when I travel to everywhere, it’s really nice to see that they have like Colombian coffee there because I’m Surrey, Brazil, surrey, India, Surrey, Middle East. But hands down, we do have the best coffee in the world. Oil and petroleum.

Of course, we are a petroleum country as well. And caught flowers. How lovely is that? Colombia is one of the largest exporters of cot flowers to the United States. So maybe the flower that you are looking right now in your office or in your house, it came from Colombia, but this is for the goods.

What about the services? Well, can you tell? Business and professional services is the main one, including accounting, legal and consulting software. The second, of course, information and communication technology services, including software development, it consulting and digital marketing services as well. And in third place, creative and design services as well.

Columbia has a thriving creative and design sector, including graphic design, advertising and branding services. We get a lot of inspiration from our same country. So in terms of technology, you know, that we might care more. What do we know? Well, the main country for Colombia to export technology is North America as well.

United States with 33% It creative and business process outsource exportation to the USA made aggressively rise from 2021 to 2022 of 43%. This is a blooming industry, not only there, but also here. And the thing that are getting export most in technology terms is developing services, design and web development. Of course, it consulting and data process hosting. And the reason because this happens is because when you are looking forward to have a really good process on your web page, for example, it’s not the same to define a process of just a couple of hours with someone that you get a template, just put it online.

And when you get a process with seven professionals, 300 hours or so doing a web page as well. Much more thought and meant to be leader in their industry that can just be acquired by well, cheaper process.

And actually year by year we get more government agreements, you know, digital agreements between Colombia and USA. Just a fast glance into this since 2006, science and Technology Agreement, digital Cooperation Agreement in 2015, creative Industries Agreement 2017 and Joint Marketing Initiative in 2019. This agreement, the only thing that they look for is to foster a positive and productive business between Colombia and the United States company and its solos and to protect us both as businessmen in the thing that we are doing. So, I just wanted to make like this resume table of some features and stuff that business owners have well manifested the interest when they hire people that helps them into this. So order and management, price, risk, language barrier, long term invest and quick results.

So, this is just a draft, but please make your own conclusions because well, other business owners already have that. And in this case, while international agency seems to be really the best spot for American companies, you are in a really private spot in the world because you have access to much higher quality service, much higher quality talent at a really low price. And I just want to talk to you just to be coming to an end. And here if you have any question about company that is called Twitter where we are consultant in digital transformation process and we made this base first of all in our philosophy which we call mutualism and the mutualism is the thing that moves us every day. We become this transparent consultant and trustfully allies for our partners to get long term relations and better results time by time.

And we became those extensions of the teamwork that companies needed in order to take certain steps forward in terms of digital environment. And this extension of work used to go in three main areas, which is data marketing, flawless design and of course software experience. Our reputation proceeds. We really like to keep everyone happy. We as a boutique agency are committed to really offer the best service that we understand of the way that we can do it.

awards & reviews

So our reputation and our qualification just give us that backslap and that gives us motivation in order to keep them forward and keep on doing things. We have won international awards as well for webpage, for Brian identity and other stuff. And we define every single process for dummies just like this for you to understand what are we doing and where are the people that you are hiring doing and where are we going and have a really clear roadmap in process of digital transformation, right? So there are a couple of team certifications and Google training. We are Google partners, we are Scrum certified as well and also associated with adult and we get a lot of other cool things in the company that helps us to become these better partners for other companies.

So, we have been exporting services to the United States for more than eight years. This is one of the company that has already been here. Well, are you up to this? Are you looking forward to definitely have bigger competitive advantage in your industry in digital environments? Well, that’s the way to do it.

Increase your digital results while reducing the cost. And please, please don’t risk quality and results, because you will have to do it again. And right now, we are offering a free consultancy to the business owners that want to just give this webinar a little bit more of talk to understand better how this works, to understanding your industry, how this can fit. So please, if you have any questions right away, I’m here to answer them as well. And just please let me know.

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