As an extension of the work of Experian México, at Tuatara Agencia Boutique we have managed to trace a clear and effective path, establishing a completely measurable conversion funnel from the beginning to the closing of sales. To achieve this, audience tests were carried out, changes were made to forms and communication pieces, and the key points where conversion is generated were identified.

Subsequently, a close connection was established with the commercial department to align and measure digital efforts based on business objectives. This collaboration has made it possible to accurately and constantly assess the impact of digital strategies on closing sales, guaranteeing greater efficiency in the process.

In addition, we have managed to identify the most effective forms of communication to reach the audience, generating meaningful interactions and presenting Experian Mexico’s solutions in a clear and understandable manner. The foregoing, without losing the strength and depth of the company’s value proposition. This has led to a greater understanding by potential customers of the benefits offered by the company and has strengthened the perception of its value offer.

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