The results obtained were significant, as Ibisa was one of the agency’s first forays into the B2B (Business to Business) market within the technology industry. During this process, valuable insights were gained about the ideal customer. Based on this learning, it was decided to focus efforts on the CEO’s LinkedIn profile as a brand spokesperson and create specialized content.

Furthermore, it was observed that many clients did not fully understand the advantages of having a technological solution like the one offered by Ibisa. To address this situation, communication was adapted through practical examples, focusing on highlighting the benefits that these solutions provided to individuals. Some of these benefits included reduced paper usage, increased customer base, and optimized response times, among others.

Ultimately, Ibisa was able to establish itself as a leading company in technological solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Through a strategy centered on digital communication and content marketing, awareness about the benefits of their offerings was generated, resulting in improved outcomes for their clients.

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