An exhaustive branding process was carried out with Magro with the objective of transforming the brand image and providing it with a coherent and attractive visual identity. Work was done on the creation of a complete brand manual that defined the graphic guidelines to be followed in all aspects of the company, from corporate stationery to advertising on social networks.

Subsequently, the Magro website was designed and developed, following SEO, UX, and performance criteria to ensure that the website was visible, accessible, and fast. We worked together with the Magro team to understand their needs and goals, and to be able to effectively reflect them on the website. In addition, a fully manageable and scalable page was created, allowing Magro to generate new content autonomously.

It is important to mention that at Tuatara, we focus on providing comprehensive attention to our clients. Therefore, we offer 3 months of support once the contract is completed to ensure that the website is functioning correctly and to resolve any problems that may arise in the process.

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