At Tuatara, we don’t just limit ourselves to being mere providers for our clients, but we seek to establish a collaborative relationship to achieve the set goals. In the case of Mambo Studio, we focused on building a Content Manager (CM) that would allow them to have the freedom and ability to modify, update, and upload new content autonomously. To achieve this, we developed different modules within the WordPress platform that facilitate website administration.

We made sure to meet Mambo’s requirements and accurately translate the approved mockups, using custom development with clean and clear code for search engines. Upon completion of the project, we delivered a manual of the Mambo website detailing the use and administration of each developed section, so that the client has full autonomy over their digital asset.

At Tuatara, we also strive to employ best practices in delivering our projects, so we document each stage, deliver designs in editable format, perform security analysis, and provide backups. All these files are delivered in digital format and are available in the cloud, ensuring secure and fast access for our clients.

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