Case study: Digital transformation in the automotive industry

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Renault Alianza Motor is one of the largest Renault distributors in Colombia, it is a great benchmark in the automotive industry and today it is considered one of the best centers specialized in automobiles for the purchase of new Renault brand vehicles such as private vehicles, trucks, pick up, electric, utility, among others.

Another important business vertical for the company is the purchase of used vehicles, a market that is not only limited to the Renault brand but encompasses all brands available on the market. Like many companies in the automotive sector, they also want to enter into a digital transformation for post-sale services such as specialized workshops. Each of these services responds to the needs of its consumers, guaranteeing an accurate diagnosis of the vehicle, spare parts with 100% original support, alliances with insurers, and excellent service.

“Within the framework of digital transformation, Renault Alianza Motor sought to improve its digital ecosystem and for it to become a sales channel with Positive ROI.

To do this, changes had to be made from within the company to the measurement of data.

After a year of work, together we managed to be the best dealer of the Renault brand in 2019 in Colombia.

The great challenge for Tuatara | Boutique Agency and Renault Alianza Motor was to improve the digital presence of the brand and generate an audience interested not only in its vehicles and services but in everything that the brand represents, with the aim of increasing vehicle sales online. Our personal challenge was to increase them to such an extent that we would surpass the sales of the traditional media that they had managed up to then. We define the north of the strategy under frameworks and methodologies such as Lean Startup + Inbound Marketing + Growth Hacking, from here we start all the digital transformation work in the automotive industry.

Find out how we carry out the Digital Transformation process together with Renault.

Part of our value proposition is to generate new industry and brand knowledge and data, which leads to competitive advantages in your market. To get there we start by proposing hypotheses → carrying out experiments → learning from the results. Here we close the create, measure, and learn learning cycle, which is very popular in entrepreneurship and Startup launch ecosystems. Through the formulation of hypotheses, experimentation (scientific methodology), and the recognition of the buyer person, we are discovering which is the north to follow.

digital transformation strategies
Lean Startup Methodology | Digital agency learning cycle

Main goal:

Transform the digital ecosystem of Renault Alianza Motor so that it becomes a sales channel with positive ROI in less than a year.

Secondary objectives:

  • Develop the website under user experience (UX), user interface (UI), SEO, and performance practices.
  • Claim Google places and link them to the brand, improving your reputation.
  • Generate quality leads for commercial vehicle sales.
  • Generate quality leads for vehicle workshops.
  • Generate quality leads for buying and selling used vehicles.
  • Plan, design, and automate communication flows through email.
  • Planned, write, and design digital content grids for social networks.
  • Plan and build an automation bot for lead management.
  • Plan, build, and optimize advertising campaigns in different media.
  • Administer, segment, manage and characterize leads from the acquired database.
  • Teach and educate the company about new digital strategies. (The digital transformation of companies occurs from within).
  • Review and integrate new software into the digital ecosystem.

Digital Transformation Process in the Automotive Industry – Learning Cycle

Diagnosis web page

Alianza’s website presented several opportunities for improvement. It did not meet the objectives of UX (user experience) or Marketing. Nor was there a clear measurement of the functions it fulfilled. The performance and loading times (performance) of the website and the SEO practices applied at the time, did not allow organic growth and positioning in the automotive industry. We also had to urgently work on ZMOT strategies or the online reputation of the brand. Users were managing their PQR through digital channels, however, the response processes were not clear, giving a bad perception.

La página web de Alianza presentaba varias oportunidades de mejora. No cumplía con los objetivos de UX (experiencia de usuario) o de Marketing. Tampoco, se tenía una clara medición de las funciones que cumplía. El rendimiento y tiempos de carga (performance) de la página web y las prácticas de SEO aplicadas al momento, no permitían un crecimiento orgánico y posicionamiento en la industria automotriz. Igualmente debíamos trabajar de forma urgente las estrategias ZMOT o la reputación online de la marca. Los usuarios estaban gestionando sus PQR a través de canales digitales, sin embargo no se tenían los procesos de respuesta claros, dando una mala percepción.

performance alianza motor
performance alianza motor

Diagnosis social network

Renault Alianza Motor’s social networks presented many opportunities for improvement. The engagement of its contents was very low, communication was not being generated from the brand (branding) and the graphic line was not by the principles and values ​​that the company wants to represent. Likewise, there was no efficient SAC (customer service) and many potential clients were left without an answer.

Agency proposal to start digital transformation at Renault Alianza Motor

We generate a conversion funnel using different digital tools that help solve the problems found in the diagnosis.

rd station alianza motor

At the top, we acquire leads that are at different stages of the buyer journey. These leads are managed by the RD Station automation tool, a tool in which Tuatara has been certified as a partner agency in Colombia.

Through RD, we carry out the entire process of nurturing, educating, and building trust (ZMOT) for leads that are not yet ready to make a decision. We divide these leads by vertical, and in the end, we can review all the information in a Google Data Studio dashboard which we will see in detail later.

1. Capture Leads: Instagram, Facebook, Adwords, WordPress, WhatsApp, Landing, SAC, SEO.

2. Treatment of Leads: RD Station, automation, Email marketing, lead nurturing.

3. Marketing + Sales Force: Rigorous monitoring of leads acquired by vertical.

Website technology

What do we need?

  • a digital asset
  • first mobile

Should have:

  • Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • Facebook Pixel

Technologies used in the development of the website

CMS: WordPress

Programming languages: PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Methodologies and models implemented in the development

  • scrum
  • MVC


  • MySQL

Web pages should never be static, and the first attempt is likely to have more opportunities for improvement than the second. Although there are general guidelines for building a web page, your audience’s own reading and browsing is the best way to iterate. Due to this, the Alianza Motor page has been rebuilt several times, each improvement delivers better results, and it continues to learn and adjust.

After this, we began the process of planning, designing, and developing the website according to the Design Sprint methodology, built-in Tuatara. See case study: Website development: Colquímicos

SEO positioning in the automotive industry

Taking into account that SEO is made up of two large verticals that are engineering and Marketing, to make an effective diagnosis of the Renault Alianza Motor website, Woorank was used; This tool allows you to have a broad view of the status of the page through a series of automatic code checks and marketing settings. The result not only shows a general score but also provides a road map of highly tactical improvements.

Website status overview and SEO positioning
Woorank performance result Website Renault Alianza Motor

We linked the Google Search Console tool to have a measurement in positioning from day one. This manages to measure all the related keywords (keywords) to the category of products and services of the brand, we set ourselves the objective of positioning keywords that go hand in hand with the following verticals:

  • Broad Keywords
  • Keywords content
  • Keywords Branding
  • Keywords by category

“In less than a year, the Renault Alianza Motor page has been indexed in the top 5 of a digitally competitive category”

google search console
SEO positioning result for Renault Workshops
Results SEO positioning Engine alliance
SEO positioning result for Alianza Motor
Renault SEO positioning results
SEO positioning result for Renault Dealer

SEO strategies usually do not happen overnight (and I say usually because there are still many blue oceans in various industries), it is constant work that starts from the diagnosis and works its way through different Strategies such as blogpost, performance, guidelines, and lead capture, among others. These are some of the keywords already indexed (Try it yourself in google)

Broad Category Words:

  • Renault dealer
  • Renault workshops
  • Used Renault

Content keywords

  • What are dashboard witnesses?

Branding keywords

  • Engine Alliance
  • Motor Alliance Dealer

Digital asset measurement tools


It is a measurement tool to monitor the status of a website. In the case of Renault Alianza Motor, it was very useful, because it allowed us to analyze the buyer’s path, studying each contact point according to the objective set by the vertical. Thanks to Analytics, it was possible to do an exact follow-up from the capture of the lead to the sale.

Google Data Studio

It is the new data visualization and reporting tool from Google, and thanks to it, the visualization of information in real-time of all campaigns and leads is achieved, allowing exponential growth. Also, we can understand which piece generates more leads, by which means, what age and gender of those interested, and finally which one sells the most. Together we managed to connect the entire process, from capturing leads online to selling offline.

“In 2020 we surpassed the record for digital sales of Renault Alianza Motor vehicles”

google data studio dashboard
Google Data Studio Dashboard – Sample Information
google analytics dashboard
Google Analytics Dashboard – Sample Information

Social networks, guidelines, and content

Both the pattern piece (promoted post) and the organic piece preserve a similar art that makes them easily distinguishable from the rest of the pieces on the market. We are constantly learning which graphic proposals that give the most results.

Implementation parts paid
Email automation RD Station – part of Inbound Marketing strategie

In the automation scenarios, all the people who come into contact with Alianza Motor and leave us their data begin a communication flow that lasts for months. During this time, the leader approaches the company (Branding), builds trust (ZMOT), knows the promotions (Triggers), and of course the vehicles and services (Product).

Automation scenarios
Email automation RD Station – part of Inbound Marketing strategie

Digital guidelines in the Automotive industry

Renault Allianza Motor digital billboard
Guideline Piece Facebook lead ads – New automotive industry

The commercial campaigns were aimed at capturing leads interested in quoting and buying a new vehicle.

It was possible to optimize the CPL by more than 80% by knowing which pieces, audiences, and objectives were the most effective.

It has been possible to optimize the conversion to sales from a percentage that was unknown at the beginning, and it continues to increase, with averages of 3-5% of lead to a sale.

Outstanding post-sale campaigns

Post-sale campaigns are intended to bring those interested in workshop services to the different workshops that Alianza Motor has for its clients.

In the last year, the CPL of the ads directed to the different workshop services has decreased by 200%, compared to its first versions. This decrease has an impact on a greater number of leads, greater contact ability, and greater conversion, with the same budget.

We have discovered that, depending on the part and the service, setting a price or cost per service has a positive influence on receiving more leads with a high conversion rate.

Featured Campaigns Used

Renault Allianza Motor digital advertising and featured campaigns
Guideline Piece Facebook lead ads – Used automotive industry

The objective of use is to capture leads that are looking to sell their vehicle or make a retake plan, that is, they give their car to Alianza as part of the payment for either a new or used one.

We have noticed how the CPL tends to be on average at $1000, even getting below $900 per lead. We have modified the pieces to obtain results with the little budget in this vertical.

  • More than 100 campaigns have been made.
  • Increased after-sales, used and utility leads by more than 500% in the last few months.
  • More than 3,000,000 people were reached.
  • CPL (cost per lead) was reduced by 80%. (We believe we have one of the lowest in the industry, do you have a piece of information and can we corroborate it? =) ?
  • Customer Journey from lead to sale → CPA (cost per acquisition).
  • We have generated knowledge to make resource investment decisions.

Hypotheses initially raised, already measured, and understood with data

  • Means the lowest CPC.
  • Most effective vehicle color for guideline.
  • Audience with better CPA.
  • The most relevant value proposition for the audience.
  • Greater interest in post-sale services.
  • Medium with lower CPL.
  • Landing page effectiveness.
  • SEO effectiveness in conversion/cost.
  • Subjects, schedule, and content in e-mail marketing.
  • Best day of the week to advertise in the automotive industry.

Conclusion of the digital transformation in the automotive industry of Renault Alianza Motor

The automotive industry is a highly competitive digital market, to the point that approximately 96% of people considering buying a new vehicle start their search online. (Hence the importance of a specific ZMOT strategy) This interest from buyers means that efforts must be professional to obtain results, in digital ecosystems.

However, there will always be blue oceans to explore, human talent to train in new technologies, and most importantly:

“Generate unprecedented knowledge of your company and industry that gives you a clear competitive advantage over your competition” The methodologies initially described, Lean Startup + Inbound Marketing + Growth Hacking, help Colombia, a growing country in digital opportunities, to obtain results with greater confidence.

During these years, we have both learned what should be done and what is not likely to bring such good results in the automotive industry. Currently, digital sales do not depend only on the pattern, an important segment of leads are converted by SEO and Inbound Marketing strategies.

Start the business digital transformation process here.