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It could be said that what defines us as humans is our social behavior and how we interpret our interaction with the environment around us, but everything around us is constantly changing and we define it as trends, it can be about what we think as a society, what we like, what is good or what is bad; being at the forefront of these changes although it is a constant and exhausting effort, will allow us to be strategic and consistent with any aspiration to understand our social course.

The record of these social changes is our history as a country, family and people, it allows us to know where we come from (our past), every day new information is created that is in constant transformation and depending on its relevance it can define new trends, information is everywhere and our human capacity to document its behavior allows us to analyze it (big data).

In natural phenomena where concepts such as gravity, electromagnetic force or light are natural phenomena that average mathematics (numbers, equations, statistics, analysis) we come not only to understand their behavior but we can even begin to predict very accurately their behavior when interacting with other variables.

With social phenomena the same thing happens, we identify as many variables that play a role in the constant social change (tastes, trends, interactions, politics, economics, etc) so we can begin to understand a little better what are those variables that most influence these changes, but the social complexity of our culture as humans is too intrinsic, Therefore, documenting and strengthening the methods under which we analyze and seek to understand these social phenomena allows us to gradually get closer to a model under which we can not only understand these changes but also anticipate and predict in a certain way the future behavior of social phenomena of our culture (trends).

The results in marketing will always be defined by the success of the communication effort before the unique moment in which the market is, so in the consideration, planning and execution of digital marketing strategies it is essential to consider these variables if you want to have a real impact on the target audience.

The understanding of the impact that Big data has on the synthesis of our social and individual behavior, can be used to massively suggest ideals, perceptions or even incite behaviors. Now, if we apply this tool in an effort of deep understanding of consumer behavior, we begin to identify patterns of behavior, variables in decision making, perception assessments, the possibilities are almost endless in terms of the information that can be documented and analyzed, so it is essential to know which variables are the ones that most determine and influence the behavior to be analyzed and how it can be leveraged in favor of a goal.