The link between marketing and sales has been key to the success of the startup toc toc, which, without having e-commerce, has managed to increase its customer base thanks to a multi-format content strategy that has generated an increase of 157 % in the acquisition of leads, 74% effective leads and 66.9% in the number of services sold. In addition, a 20% increase in the repurchase of company services has been achieved.

The data provided by the strategy carried out by Tuatara Agencia Boutique in conjunction with toc toc show strong results: the number of services sold has increased by 836%, the percentage of conversion of leads to sales has been 5.4% and the advertising budget tripled. The collaboration has been described by the CEO of toc toc as a true business digital transformation, allowing exponential growth and a direct impact on job creation and corporate social responsibility. See the full case here.

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