Sullanta case study: Digital transformation strategies, results and lessons learned

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Sucampo – Sullanta S.A.S. is a company with more than 65 years of experience and a solid presence in the Colombian market. Until recently, it operated as a single brand that covered two completely different business: agriculture and tires. However, the company made the decision to implement digital transformation strategies, with the aim of separating its business lines and positioning them digitally independently.

Aware of the challenges of a constantly evolving market, this leading company in the automotive market decided to initiate an ambitious rebranding process for its business lines. Thanks to this strategic decision, the company was able to capitalize on existing opportunities to optimize communication with its target audience and expand into various market segments.

In this sense, it became essential to implement a series of digital marketing strategies, with a strong presence in social networks, digital advertising, SEO optimization, among others, to strengthen the recognition and memorability of the new brands. Likewise, Sullanta sought a digital marketing agency that would allow it to maximize its impact and achieve a stronger positioning in the current market.
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The beginning of the partnership between Sullanta and Tuatara Boutique Agency

The relationship between Sullanta and Tuatara Boutique Agency began in 2021 with the rebranding process of Sullanta, developing a new brand image. Likewise, we started a comprehensive work to stand out in the digital scope, because previously the company focused mainly on offline advertising strategies and its social networks were not active.

rebrandig sullanta

Once the new brand line is approved, we carry out the Design Sprint process, a methodology adopted by our agency for web design. This approach allows us to move forward efficiently in clear stages, avoiding setbacks that could generate additional costs for our clients. Then, we began to implement the digital strategy, focusing on the creation of content for social networks.

It is important to highlight that, before starting the digital transformation strategies, we carry out a brief to understand the essence of the brand, its value proposition, strategic allies and other relevant aspects. 
In addition, we conducted a Content Work that allowed us to understand the purpose of the company, the services it offers, the personality of the brand and the form of communication. This research work laid the foundations for a solid and well-founded structure in the creation of content for social networks.

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Mutualism in action

The objectives established for Sullanta were as follows:

  • Improve communication with the audience and increase its digital presence through new branding.
  • Manage social networks by identifying customer needs.
  • Develop digital advertising strategies to increase sales.
  • Strengthen digital communication to increase customer visits to service centers in Ibagué.
  • Generate editorial content focused on SEO positioning.

Implementation of digital transformation strategies for Sullanta.

In Sullanta’s digital transformation process, we implemented several strategies to optimize its digital presence and maximize its results. Learn more about each of the strategies.

Social networks

In the content creation strategy for social networks, we focused on generating content related to the branding of Sullanta. In addition, we create publications focused on the company’s services, educational tips related to vehicles and maintenance, among other topics relevant to the industry. 
Our goal was to convey the message of Sullanta’sexpert spokesperson in automotive maintenance.

pieza redes sociales sullanta

Marketing and Sales

Effective integration of sales and marketing strategies is critical to the success of any business. Both functions are complementary and working together can generate powerful results.

In this case, we saw the need to implement online sales through WhatsApp, becoming the main channel for lead acquisition. Being Tuatara an expert agency in digital marketing, we provided all the advice and training to the new sales team to improve processes and be aligned with business objectives.

We set up WhatsApp Business, generated labels, configured automatic responses, welcome messages and quick responses. All this process was carried out with the objective of streamlining the sales process.

Digital advertising

To understand Sullanta’s audience, we conducted an experimentation process. We started with a broad audience, without a specific age but centered in Ibagué and its surroundings. Then, we identified the genre that showed the most interaction and pieces of interest. 

After a month, we targeted the campaigns to an audience interested in vehicles, specifically the most popular models in Ibagué, such as mid and low-end cars and motorcycles. We also targeted audiences of taxi and truck drivers, although we noticed that taxi drivers generated conversations that did not translate into sales.

After the experimentation stage, we identified that one of the genders, and with a certain age range, was the one that generated the most purchases. Based on this information, considering the conversions, quotes and sales closings generated, we expanded our strategy to a national level. 

We focused on WhatsApp campaigns and monthly promotions on this platform, in order to identify which promotions generated more interest and closed more sales. We found that the discount promotion on the purchase of 3×4 tires generated more sales than other promotions.

pieza para sullanta

Throughout the year, the months with the most interaction were related to promotional content, contests and initiatives that connected with the empathetic side of people.


We implemented RD Station to reactivate customers who were already in database. We started implementing an inbound marketing strategy to increase the average sales value. 

Sullanta provided a database, with which we began to incentivize additional purchases according to the customer’s stage. Taking into account that the purchase of tires is not frequent and other services offered require a shorter repurchase time, such as maintenance and oil change. 

We focus on incentivizing second and third purchases through services, also using WhatsApp. We also create landing pages and eBooks to capture leads.

flujo de manychat

Additionally, we integrated Manychat platform to Facebook and Instagram to automate common responses related to Sullanta’s service centers, taking into account the most common messages and reactions. 

For customers who did not know us, we started with the initial phase of the funnel, providing information about the service centers and Sullanta in general.

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Content marketing and SEO strategy

Since the beginning of this mutual relationship, we have focused on creating valuable content in several formats as part of our content marketing strategy.

ebook de sullanta

The objective of this strategy was focused on taking advantage of SEO positioning opportunities in the industry. To achieve this, we conducted detailed Keyword Research to identify the keywords to be positioned.

However, this strategy was affected by the delay in launching the website. For this reason, editorial content began to be published in August 2022.

Offline design

diseño de sullanta

We started working on designs related to Sullanta’s rebranding for their offices. This included the design of facades, new boards, signs for each service center, flyers to promote sales in the Service Centers, speakers for fairs in which they participated and banners for physical events. We also generated ideas for brand activations on special dates.

All these strategies mentioned above must be supported, so data analysis in marketing is essential to achieve a correct understanding of the efforts made, generating learning and results that can be qualitatively and quantitatively measurable.

Analysis of results and lessons learned in Sullanta’s digital transformation process.

During Sullanta‘s digital transformation process, we focused on strengthening its online presence, while experimenting with different types of communication on digital platforms. Learn about the results now.📈📊

Social media

At the beginning, in addition to changing the graphic appearance of communications on digital platforms, we focused on strengthening the bond with the community in the areas and populations of interest. 

This process implied a path of experimentation, where we had to identify what type of communication generated the most interest from the audience. We experimented with photographs, captions, graphic line and other elements.

After a series of experiments both graphically and conceptually, we noticed a 238% increase in total Facebook followers between September 2021 and May 2023. This allowed us to move towards our second objective: to strengthen organic interactions. We managed to obtain more than 20,000 interactions on Facebook and Instagram.

Digital advertising

Another crucial aspect in Sullanta’s digital strategy development was the implementation of digital advertising campaigns on Facebook and Instagram to attract more customers in different areas and cities of Colombia.

In May 2022, with Sullanta’s commercial team, we activated WhatsApp campaigns in the department of Tolima, focusing on the city of Ibagué and its surroundings, where Sullanta has its physical Service Centers. 

When comparing the months of May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December of that year, we noticed a 5.32% increase in lead acquisition, thanks to the tests carried out on audiences and communications. Our goal was to identify which themes/promotions, audiences and formats obtained better results in order to continue with the optimization.

After finding an audience that worked well, we saw a 6.35% decrease in cost per conversation. This indicates that, with the same budget and a more affinity audience, we were able to get more conversations at a cheaper cost.

Having a greater impact on our buyer persona translated into a direct increase in monthly sales and a 19.7% increase in the average ticket.

Content marketing and SEO positioning

Although the digital asset was not developed by our agency, during the months it was active, we observed that some of the blogs generated most of the traffic to the website. 

In addition, by mid-2023, organic traffic represented 80.3% of total website traffic, being the most effective channel. However, it is important to mention that the website is not currently enabled.

How is 2023 going? 

Thanks to the learnings from 2022, 2023 has a clearer focus in terms of the promotions that generate the most interest and sales, the most effective audience for making purchases, and the formats that deliver the best results.

When analyzing how 2023 is going, according to digital transformation strategies, we noticed a 30% increase in average ticket (comparing the last five months of 2022 with the first months of 2023). 

In addition, the cost per conversation has decreased by 18.9% and the acquisition cost of a lead that completes a purchase has decreased by 24.11%. This means that we have experienced an increase in monthly sales and a reduction in acquisition costs.

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Tuatara – Agencia de marketing digital

At Tuatara Boutique Agency, we are proud to have been part of Sullanta’s digital transformation process. Our efforts in social media, digital advertising, content marketing, among others, have generated tangible results and have strengthened Sullanta’s presence in the market. 

If you are looking to boost your digital presence, contact us now and start boosting your sales!